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          Welcome to


          Welcome to the Dominican Republic Official Tourism Website.

          Dominican Republic is the second largest and most diverse Caribbean country, situated just two hours south of Miami, less than four hours from New York and eight hours from most European cities. Known for our warm and hospitable people, Dominican Republic is a destination like no other, featuring astounding nature, intriguing history and rich culture.

          Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the north and the Caribbean Sea on the south, our lush tropical island paradise boasts nearly 1,000 miles (1,609 km) of coastline, 250 miles (402 km) of the world’s top beaches, magnificent resorts and hotels, and a variety of sports, recreation and entertainment options. Here you can dance to the pulse pounding thrill of the merengue, renew in our luxurious and diverse accommodations, explore ancient relics of centuries past, delight in delicious Dominican gastronomy or enjoy ecotourism adventures in our magnificent national parks, mountain ranges, rivers, and beaches.

          Learn more

          Discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus, the country overflows with fascinating history, museums and exciting cultural experiences like music, art and festivals, plus uniquely Dominican specialties such as cigars, rum, chocolate, coffee, merengue, amber and larimar.

          The #1 destination for golf in the Caribbean and Latin America, Dominican Republic delights visitors with 26 designer golf courses amid breathtaking coastlines with mountain backdrops and lush green fairways. With so many beautiful natural settings like romantic waterfalls, breathtaking coasts and idyllic accommodations, Dominican Republic is a top destination for weddings and romance. Many world class-resorts and hotels also cater to meetings and incentive groups who flock to Dominican Republic for excellent, friendly service and dynamic meeting venues.

          Dominican Republic offers a fantastic combination of environments to capture your imagination and refresh the soul. And with eight international airports, paradise has never been easier to explore. We invite you to discover our breathtaking island sanctuary and create memories that will last a lifetime.

          Upcoming Events

          Mar 22 - Mar 28

          Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship 2021

          Corales Golf Club
          The fourth edition of the Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship, will have a purse of US$...

          Jan 15 - Mar 31

          Whale Watching Season

          Samana Bay
          Watch the 1,500 to 2,000 whales that migrate to the waters of the Samaná Bay on a guided boat tour ...

          Feb 18 - Mar 31

          “Ciudad Colonial Viva” Exhibition

          Edificio Savi?ón
          The emblematic Savi?ón Building, will host the permanent exhibition “Ciudad Colonial Viva”, wi...


          to stay

          The Dominican Republic has long been a favorite Caribbean escape for its plethora of accommodation options attracting countless celebrities, sports personalities, and adventurous travelers.

          to stay

          The Dominican Republic has long been a favorite Caribbean escape for its plethora of accommodation options attracting countless celebrities, sports personalities, and adventurous travelers.


          to stay

          The Dominican Republic has long been a favorite Caribbean escape for its plethora of accommodation options attracting countless celebrities, sports personalities, and adventurous travelers.


          We encourage you to follow our blog for everything from custom travel itineraries, insider travel tips, recommendations for underexplored adventures, accounts of first-hand experiences and so much more.


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          Travel Alert: Get the latest travel alerts impacting Dominican Republic.?Learn more?E-TICKET

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